We are HALAL Frozen Dim Sum supplier.

We are committed to supply the market with the highest quality of Halal Frozen Dim Sum in its most authentic flavor.  

To preserve the authentic flavor we choose fresh ingredients, we used chicken thigh, fresh prawns and squid with natural flavoring from herbs and spices to enhance the taste and texture of the Dim Sum resulting in a pleasant bite of firm stuffing with pure juicy meat. With the preserved authentic flavor, our Muslim brothers and sisters can have the real taste of the Chinese cuisine. 

We have grown to become a preferred Halal Dim Sum to major restaurant chains and Dim Sum restaurants in Malaysia.

We focused primarily on customer satisfaction, many of our existing clients have expressed their contentment towards the quality of our Halal Dim Sum and have continued to re-supply from us.

The confidence shown by our client towards our Halal Frozen Dim Sum reflects highly of our commitment and track record.

Our target now is to supply directly to household where everyone can enjoy Dim Sum with their family and friends in their comfort of home, office, gathering, open house, camping etc

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