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Golden Shrimp Roll (10pcs/pack)

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Golden Shrimp Roll

This is one of the most popular and must have snacks in Dim Sum Restaurant. Golden Shrimp Roll is crispy on the outside and filled with fresh crunchy shrimp on the inside. 

This crispy and juicy Golden Shrimp Roll is so addictive that each mouth-watering bite will leave you wanting more. This dish is just as it sounds –chopped up pieces of sweet prawns wrapped in a beancurd skin, deep-fried until crispy and golden-brown. Serve it hot and with mayonnaise on the side!

These deep Golden Shrimp Roll were a childhood favourite. My brothers and I would eat them dipped in sweet chili sauce or mayonnaise. They were so yummy!

Golden Shrimp Roll are served best freshly hot and best pairing with a glass of Teh O Ice Limau.

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